My Krita Brushes

~New set added! Updated February 9 2018!~

A new update is here! I have added a new brush set:
This small collection of 19 brushes is meant to provide a minimal set with a wide range of uses for basic sketching, drawing, or even more detailed work.
I hope you will enjoy them!
The total of brushes in this collection is now at 280 brushes!!

To download all the sets at once, go to my Gumroad listing: 

(You can leave a tip if you wish, but please feel free to obtain this resource for free as well!)

I hope you will enjoy!

These brushes were created for use on high res projects, so they will look best in large canvases.

You may have to adjust your pen pressure settings to get the best results for you.

You can use these brushes for anything you like freely, including commercial works. I do not require credit for their use.

You can also download each set individually:

  • Scroll down to browse the preview images below
  • When you click them, you will be taken to a google drive download page.
  • Click at the top of the page to download the set!
  • They come with bundles and installation info. 
  • After installing the brushes, remember to restart Krita in order to see the brushes organized into their own tags. 

>Free icons resource<

You don’t need to download this to use the brushes. I uploaded the brush icons I made or altered, so that others can freely use them. There are a lot of icons, a lot more than what I used in the pack. You can use them for whatever you like freely.

Old downloads:

Previously the Basic set had softer edged brushes that got blurry when you resized them. I fixed this issue on 4/9/2017. But if you want to get the Basic set the way it was before, with the softer brushes, here you go:

If you miss the way my brushes were a loong time ago when I put up my first brush set, you can download them here, but they are not updated and do not contain new brushes that can be found in the new packs, and are not optimized for Krita versions above 2.8: